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Legacy, a part of Sri Lanka’s UME Network, isn’t an average media publishing company. At
Legacy, we are passionate about empowering individuals and brands to reach their full
potential. At the core of our drive to foster human development, is a belief in the power
of the media to inform, inspire, and drive positive change.

Your Trusted Source For Breaking News And Expert Analysis!

Legacy demystifies a world in constant transformation. We shed light on every aspect of our lives. From news, politics, business to technology, culture and design, our insights into the latest developments, breakthroughs and innovations spark new ways of thinking, fostering relationships and igniting change.

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Welcome to Legacy Magazine, where captivating stories meet timeless wisdom. We are your curated guide to inspired living. Find our exclusive articles on business, lifestyle and luxury living, put together for you, our discerning readers – by our team of talented
writers and thought leaders.

Take a virtual journey to breathtaking destinations, learn from the movers and shapers
of the world, get insights from industry leaders and stay up to date with the latest beats
and trends.

Cut through the clutter with the day’s top headlines, insights and ideas. Legacy Daily is your trusted guide to keep up with the events, trends and people who help shape today’s world.

Our curated selection of news and analysis not only brings the world to your fingertips, but also brings you up to speed on the most critical issues and conversations of the day.

Legacy Life is the digital portal where the kaleidoscope of life, adventure, and discovery converges in one magnificent blog site.

It is your ticket to explore the boundless tapestry of our world's offerings. Our mission is simple: to bring you the world's stories, experiences, and insights, all in one place.


Whether you're an avid explorer, a style aficionado, a tech enthusiast, or simply a lover of life, we've crafted this digital haven just for you.

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