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At Inspired Events, we employ distinct and cutting-edge advertising platforms to enhance outdoor branding initiatives.


Our expertise encompasses a wide range of projects, including interior branding, digital panels featuring state-of-the-art LED technology, hoardings, billboards, and more. Additionally, we specialize in organizing cost-effective media conferences tailored to our clients' specific requirements, as well as efficiently managing below-the-line (BTL) activations.

Creative Planning

With innovative ideas firmly at hand, Inspired events will flesh out our clients' concepts, ensuring successful execution.

We guarantee that the client's background (i.e., marketing strategy and brand standards) are consistently maintained while driving project objectives. 

We are the first and only events company to conduct and manage branding/activation services in the highly popular government owned Canowin Arcade  of Sri Lanka (i.e., The Southern Expressway Service Area).


With millions of visitors annually, this unique opportunity empowers our clients to reach their target audience effectively and leave a lasting impression in this vibrant setting.

Outreach and Activations

Branding and Brand Postioning

CSR Projects

We utilize a strategic blend of creative marketing tactics and experiential activations to amplify your brand's message and elevate its visibility. From meticulously planned outreach campaigns to thoughtfully designed on-ground activations, we ensure that your brand resonates with its intended audience, leaving a lasting impression and driving tangible results. With a data-driven approach and a keen eye on emerging trends, our Outreach and Activations services empower your brand to thrive in today's dynamic and competitive landscape

Experience our exceptional Branding and Brand Positioning services, where strategic storytelling and creative expertise converge to forge compelling brand identities. Our seasoned team crafts captivating brand strategies, positioning your brand as a distinct leader in the events industry. From market research to captivating visual design, we create lasting connections with your target audiences, establishing your brand as an industry trailblazer worldwide.

Discover our impactful CSR Projects, empowering brands to make a positive difference through purpose-driven initiatives. From community engagement to environmental sustainability, our expert team ensures your brand's commitment to social responsibility leaves a lasting impact and fosters meaningful connections with stakeholders.

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